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Full Moon
The Elements

Air    Earth

Fire   Water

These can go on any background.

Elemental Button Sets
33 x 90
Set One      ~ * ~      Flare Set
The Moon Buttons
Lrg. & Small Sets
The two arrows are made for black backgrounds. The moon can go anyplace.
I'm working on some clear sets. Check back.
These buttons, etc which are all originals by me are free to use, BUT please, if you do use them let folks know who did them: (C) Melissa J. Vivigatz, & put a link back to me. You can use a text link or one of the BANNERS I've made for my site. My URL to link to is: http://www.mjvivigatz.com
  To save images to your PC: right click on the picture & chose "Save As". You might want to make a file for them in "My Documents" or someplace  so you can find them easily.  From there you can paste them into emails or upload them to YOUR web site.

  PLEASE, save them to YOUR PC & UPLOAD! if you use up my bandwith then my site will go down and you won't have the picts anyway! ;)
If you email me that you've used these images I'll put a link to your site HERE, at my discretion. :)
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You can add your own text to these blank buttons. :)
The Free Stuff - enjoy!
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And Thank you! ;)
Pentacle Buttons
Can go on any background.
90 x 90
Simple Pentacle
Five Star Pentacle
Six Stars Pentacle
Element Pentacle
Leather Stars Pentacle
Try something cool, make Hover Buttons! Use two images, put your mouse over the samples below :)
Sample Hover button
Sample of Hover button.
Simple HTML codes:

  To place an image on your page (note, the "image" must be uploaded to your server first! See your site's FILE MANAGER or use an FTP program.
<img src ="image.gif">
The "image.gif" to be replaced by the actual image file name, like "button1.JPG"

  To make an image have a link:
<a href="pagenameyouarelinkingtohere.html"><img src="image.gif"></a>
The page name will probably look like this: "http://www.mjvivigatz.com" for example.
*Note the above link will have a surrounding line border. To link am image without a border use this code:
<a href="pagenameyouarelinkingtohere.html"><img src="image.gif" border="0"></a>

  To make an Email Link using an image:
<a href="mailto:youremailaddresshere"><img src="image.gif"></a>

*Special note, notice the "</a>" at the ends? This is telling where the linking stops. If you don't add that on the end, every item on your page could turn into one huge link. :)

This place is great for more HTML CODES and tips.
HTML code for 468v60 banners. Note you need to change the IMAGENAME!
<a href="http://www.mjvivigatz.com">
<img src="IMAGENAME" alt="The Drexus Tavosn Saga - a vampire's tale - www.mjvivigatz.com"
width="468" height="60" border="0">
To use this code for the other sizes, just change 'width" & 'height' to match!
(not to mention cross your fingers lol ;)
Kabala Tree of Life
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New for October:
Meet "Jack Blinky"A clear GIF, Jack can go on any background. Makes a fun little accent!
Hi, my name is Jack Blinky!
This is where I get my BLOG from. It is very simple, user-friendly and totally customizable.