Griffin altar plate.
Length: aprox. 33 inches.
These ones were rather fun. An old tree from the local graveyard had broken and fallen during a storm. There were pieces of its bark, solid, clean, smooth and perfect which I gathered up a good armload's worth.

Basically, I was crafting these into unique altar plates to sell. I used a wood-burning tool to define the images and then painted them with acrylics mixed with metallic paint.
More examples to come. :)
The following are a gathering of various "wood" pieces which I have done.
Green Dragon altar plate
Winged-disk Pentacle with Moons altar plate
Gardener's Supply Company
Plow & Hearth
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LOL, are the Holidays coming or what? ;)
The Wine Messenger
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Camping World
LOL, are the Holidays coming or what? ;)