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The Drexus Tavosn Saga

A fantasy adventure on a tropical, alien world.

An esoteric journey through politics, religion and bigotry.

The personal struggle of a tortured soul, a reluctant warrior.

A vampire's tale, unlike any other.

Come, enter a green world that's not so primitive as it seems...

Book One:

"Hunting Shadows"  ~  Follow the trail of the vine-jungle Hunter, Drexus Tavosn. An outcast loner, Drex' dreams are haunted by a fire-eyed demon of long fangs and talons: a nightwalker on a planet in which the nights last for three days--Or is it the psychic manifestation of a mysterious plague, one that drives it's victims murderously insane before it kills them?

  Through prophesy, bigotry, politics and betrayal, Drex struggles to purge the world of the descending madness--if he can escape the grasp of the demon in his own soul first...

Paperback: 320 pages Publisher: Dragon Vine; (December 12, 2001) ISBN: 0971545901
Size: 5-½" X 8-½"

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Book Two:

"Drada-kish" ~
When a vampire is hired by Tarrons,
he has only one choice:
Become the Hunter,
Or the prey...

Read Excerpt from Book Two!

Book Three:

"Tavosn" ~ details coming soon.
Book Four:

"Drashone" ~ details coming soon.

Book Five: - Title & details coming soon.

Book Six: - Title & details coming soon.
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MJ Vivigatz Artist & Author

Site Overhaul underway

by Melissa Vivigatz on 12/05/13

I am in the process of overhauling my entire website in preparation of ebook releases in 2014 so please stand by and thank you for all your support!


I am back!

by Melissa Vivigatz on 03/28/12

Hey everybody and welcome!

Okay, has been a rocky road for a couple of years but I am back and working like a storm.

Therefore, keep watch as I completely redo as well as update my entire website over the next couple of weeks.

Next, look for several book to be published this year in the Drexus Tavosn series, both in print as well as e-book format. Actually, the only thing that needs completing for the next FOUR installments is the cover art, everything else ready to go.

After that, get ready for some REAL goodies. Not going to give anything away as yet, but here is a glimpse of something I completed this week.


Cheers and enjoy!


As well as please note my new website URL: