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The Drexus Tavosn Saga

A fantasy adventure on a tropical, alien world.

An esoteric journey through politics, religion and bigotry.

The personal struggle of a tortured soul, a reluctant warrior.

A vampire's tale, unlike any other.

Come, enter a green world that's not so primitive as it seems...

Book One:

"Hunting Shadows"  ~  Follow the trail of the vine-jungle Hunter, Drexus Tavosn. An outcast loner, Drex' dreams are haunted by a fire-eyed demon of long fangs and talons: a nightwalker on a planet in which the nights last for three days--Or is it the psychic manifestation of a mysterious plague, one that drives it's victims murderously insane before it kills them?

  Through prophesy, bigotry, politics and betrayal, Drex struggles to purge the world of the descending madness--if he can escape the grasp of the demon in his own soul first...

Paperback: 320 pages Publisher: Dragon Vine; (December 12, 2001) ISBN: 0971545901
Size: 5-½" X 8-½"

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Book Two:

"Drada-kish" ~
When a vampire is hired by Tarrons,
he has only one choice:
Become the Hunter,
Or the prey...

Read Excerpt from Book Two!

Book Three:

"Tavosn" ~ details coming soon.
Book Four:

"Drashone" ~ details coming soon.

Book Five: - Title & details coming soon.

Book Six: - Title & details coming soon.
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Site Overhaul underway

by Melissa Vivigatz on 12/05/13

I am in the process of overhauling my entire website in preparation of ebook releases in 2014 so please stand by and thank you for all your support!


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