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"Hunting Shadows - Book One In The Drexus Tavosn Saga" was published 12/12/01!

7-4-2005 ~ Summer 2005.ah, I finally get some TIME! Time to write, to edit, to update the website and search for an agent for the Drex Tavosn novels. Still, since I know how many folks are miffed about not having the next installments in the DT Saga in their hand, I hope to self-publish "Drada-kish - Book Two In The Drexus Tavosn Saga" by end of this summer, if not sooner! Cheers, M.J.V.
* Episode Three of the Borderland Tales to be posted soon! Keep a watch out.
2-2-04 ~ Episode two in The Borderland Tales series "Safer in the storm..." has been posted!
1-1-2004 ~ Happy New Year Everyone! Well, having some first hand experience of talking with so many folks in our shop, I know I shall not be the only one who is glad to see the back of 2003! In that light I have been very busy, and picking-up running where the holiday madness had me drop all creative efforts with the posting of the first episode of what I hope shall be a continuing online work, "The Borderland Tales: Stories From An Impending West" is my idea of sharing the fun. For mature readers, I plan to take a dive into a distant post pole-shifted Earth, recovering from a global war which has left most of the few remaining populants trying to rebuild their lives in a situation not unlike the 'wild west' of old. Not to mention the forming of an unlikely bounty hunter team, one member of which is a vampire from ancient ages past. If it sounds interesting, go take a peek by CLICKING HERE.
  For those who are waiting so very patiently on the next Drex novel, I thank you and promise you the manuscripts are done, the tales do continue in a way in which I swear will be worth the wait. My efforts now are to find a publisher to get them into your hands--my resolution for 2004! In the meantime, join my ONLINE FORUM and get together, share some of the cool thoughts you've sent to me personally with other readers. Thank you! Melissa.

9/30/03 ~ What a busy year it has been! Editing of "Drada-kish - Book 2" is done and I've also been working heavily on "Tavosn - Book 3" Now, I am looking for an Agent or Publisher to get them out in large numbers to people fast. Drex, Ressa-Dso, Mastin & the Zoitan Sisters violet-eyed Rylia and feisty little Chemue, and the laughing Storyteller K'du (Drex's childhood village friend from Kronile) not to mention Drexus Tavosn's own Hunt Master, The Great Vaston-Da, Skrall Hunter, have so many tales to tell and adventures to share, I cannot wait to get them out to you! However, sadly, I can not afford to self-publish at this time.
  Laughter, tragedies, love and spiritual challenges await you. To help, leave your reviews here for prospective agencies to see, share "Hunting Shadows" with your friends and spread the word of Drex--all help is required at this time. Thank you!
  Also, I have been doing some site updates. Check out the new write-up on the Draz World of Drexus Tavosn page. Latest releases and new sites to discover on the Dragonvine Bookshelf. Trying to get more web graphics up and there are new additions to the Webring Portal.
5/26/03 ~ Does it show that I've been really, really busy in the outside world? Sorry about that, but it seems my time is clearing (a little) so watch for more additions and updates soon! For now, check out the latest additions to the Writer's Section & Assorted Links. Join my new Forum & add your link below!
10/9/02 - Attention writers of VAMPIRE FICTION - Click this link and list YOUR website among the TOP VAMPIRE TALES viewer rated websites! Great place for reader to find new authors as well!
9/18/02 For webmasters - A new page full of research and advertising articles, java scripts, screen savers, free downloads, search engine submissions and a LOT more! Page changes/updates every 3 days.
9/13/02 New, blood-dripping Animated Link Banner added! heehee ;)
Also, exchanged banners from writers & authors moved into the DV Library.
9/4/02 The Dragon Vine Virtual Library is open! Come on in, put your feet up and relax with a book from new authors.
8/16/02 NEW Open & Read from the actual book! Hunting Shadows' Book pages added. Hovering Glossary too!
8/7/02 I was just added to two more listings: http://mjvivigatz.byregion.net which is a directory listing artists by geological regions & my novel has been added to the Award Sites Novel Directory, under Fantasy.
8/5/02 New site additions: Check out the new Sci-Fi page! Also, I've re-arranged my original artwork, separating images into category pages as I prepare to add a lot of new work in the next few weeks.
7/24/02 I just created a BANNER EXCHANGE page. This is for artists, writers, authors, vampire folks, dragons, Free esoteric web graphics, and any and all other who's site has a similar flavor to mine. Information of joining is located on the page -- go visit, some cool things to be discovered there!
  ALSO Now you can read the first TWO complete chapters of "Hunting Shadows" on the HS Excerpt Page!
7/21/02 The cover art for the September issues of  "The Door Opener" magazine will feature a photo of a stained-glass window I did. This will be the second cover I have done with them. The 1st was VOL.12, NO.3, June-August 1998. That piece was an original drawing entitled: "Together We Are Completeness." Prints available soon.
7/10/02 Added more helpful/informative Writer's Links like Preditors & Editors, where you can read facts about actual agents and publishers.
6/28/02 Added some background history and information about the world of Drex Tavosn on the Book Art Page.
6/21/02 Did you know "Hunting Shadows" is available at Amazon.com? ;)
6/16/02 We had a film crew for an Independent Movie, an occult thriller, in the shop Sunday, and both Emile's "Mystic Bowls" CD & my book "Hunting Shadows - Book One" were highlighted in a close-up! Watch for movie details to follow...
5/9/02 Good article in the newspapers on me in The Guilford Courier. "Local Author Writes Haunting Vampire Saga" Article was written by Jessica Libero.
4/12/02 Just added to the Comments & Reviews page --Author Comments! Answers to some of your questions, information on upcoming books as well.
3/16/02 New addition to this site: free Web Graphics! Yes, among other things I'm starting to make web buttons & stuff for you. (Like, since this week!) Mostly of a pagan nature at this point, but more to come soon. I want some jungley-ones myself for this site...
  Also on the Web Things page are banners to my site if you wish to help out, promote here & my book. Thank you in advance & hope you have fun!
3/4/2002 Book Two Update: I am editing "Drada-kish" now. I would love to say it will be available December 2002, but I cannot promise. It's simply a matter of the publishing funds. (The faster Hunting Shadows sells, the better for book two!) Realistically we are probably looking at middle to late 2003 -- unless some large publishing house picks me up, then who knows? ;)
Melissa's books are available at the following Shops as well:
Links: Artists Writers Assorted
Ursel's Web Frame Shop & Art Gallery
140 Washington St., Middletown, CT 06457

Contact Melissa to SELL BOOKS!
The Writer's section. Also check out the WebRing Portal.
Check Dee's site out!
  Wonderful artwork and dragon drawing tutorials, writer's info, some legal info stuff and more--for free!
Help protect the rainforests--and so much more! Get free email that helps the environment too.
Assorted Artist Websites. Writers. More to come! Links: Assorted.& check out the Webrings on my artwork page as well.
The Purple Door Gallery. Artwork & info on Lori Barker & her Husband Ernie. Really nice things folks, also see the woods Labyrinth they built!
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  This site is FULL of all sorts of legal links and information we all should have.
A Celebration of Women Writers
Writers Digest - website of the magazine. Very useful resource links, offers writing assignments, both for adults & kids.
WritersNet Writers, Editors, Agents, Publishers List yourself  & your books here for free. Shop.
Published.com - Independent Artists & Writers, list your Books & E-Books for free.
Midwest Book Reviews - Book Reviews, Advice for Writers and Publishers, and Resources for Book Lovers. Check out their "Rules Regarding Review Copies
Sime~Gen Inc. - Book Revirews
Horror Writers Association - Note, there is a yearly membership dues here if you wish to become a member. But access to the main site is open. They have an extensive link section.
Autographed by Author - Buy books, list your books. Note, they charge a fee for listing.
Building a Writer's Website - Author Victoria Strauss offers this page on her website.
Kali Books - interesting, small publishing house. India's 1st women's publishing house. features 3rd world studies of women.
Quantum Muse - Posting the finest in sci-fi, fantasy and alternative writing and artwork. For free. In our sober moments...
FREE HORROR FONTS from Horrorfind.com. Very cool site!
Wonderful site, Artists unite! Show your works, get advice, learn, critiques, read stories and check out the art! Did I mention it's for FREE? ;)
This page was last updated on: 5/27/2009
Author's Den - authors get a FREE web page & online store for your books, even if you aready have one!
Booklist - the digital counterpart of the American Library Association's Booklist magazine. Have your book reviewed.
@YourLibrary - the campaign for America's libraries
PRW - a site for press release information. PR templates & samples.
The Library of Congress, U.S. Copyright Office - All the information you need. Printable forms.
Ack! Taxes :p BUT if you need info--and we all do, better visit the IRS Dept. of Treasury for information, forms and all that dreadful stuff... *sighs*
RevewAlert.com - for those of us which have products on Amazon.com. A free service.

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Sorry, no events scheduled at this time, however Melissa is available to autograph books are every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday at Knight People Books & Gifts in Middletown, CT.
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