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"Hunting Shadows - Book One In The Drexus Tavosn Saga" by Melissa J. Vivigatz
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"Dayspring Dawning" by Jeanine Berry
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The Earthworks at Rimin
by Robert J. Clark
The High Priestess of Lanca
by Robert J. Clark
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"In The Running" by Dee Lloyd
"Caught in the Rain" by L.C. Martin
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"Diverting The Buddha" by Bob Swartzel
Dive Into Rapture - THE TAIL OF THE SEA WITCH - A book for Young Readers by Wendy Maree Peterson.
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Rob's Great Reads Links Library ~ From free full length online novels to first chapters, all links handpicked for a great read. Mysteries, romances, thrillers, ghost stories, horror, sci-fi and more for discerning readers from authors of excellence.
Storm The Castle ~ a GREAT site for budding writer, webmaster info. Free sci-fi sound effects & more.
Check out Will's book "Fulcrum Shift"!
Erotica Ebooks
"The Huntress" by Michelle O'Leary
"Fulcrum Shift" by Will Kalif
"Top Vampire Tales" ~ the best viewer voted vampire fiction sites on the web!
Chromium Steel ~ Lots of free online stories of assorted genres. Great site, check it out!
"Rock drummer Regi Sebastian has it all.  If she can keep it.  It's 1988 and Regi is fighting to stay sober in order to save her marriage and keep her rock band on top of the charts.  Will the rock and roll life finally be the end of the music world's favorite female drummer?"
Kathleen Strelow Homepage

...The evil Lord Balther has unearthed the ancient talisman of power called the Fulcrum and he is using its power to twist men and the world into unnatural ruin. If he can also find the nine nexus stones then his power will be complete and he will destroy the world. Viss and his small band of companions are the only thing that can stop him. Travel with Viss as he discovers the unique power that each nexus stone possesses and he uncovers the secrets of his own forgotten past.

"In this novel, BLACK ROSEBUD:HAVE NO MERCY II, Bobby and Kam tell a wonderful story, full of interesting and well-developed characters, while skillfully capturing the essence of life in rural Nebraska. Don't let the length of this book intimidate you, though. It is a thoroughly enjoyable read." Karen Bryson Mueller, Award-winning playwright and author.

Newspaper owner/editor, Bob Jensen, states, "You will enjoy 'Black Rosebud' not only for its complex and riveting story, but also for the love of the written word, which comes through in each paragraph of Bobby and Kam Ruble's book."
Bobby Ruble Homepage

" ...will keep you riveted to your chair until the last surprising page."

-Dallas Hodder Franklin, Editor, SellWritingOnLine.com

"Intricate plot twists, realistic complex characters, murder as you never thought it could be, a dollop of romance, a heavy dose of human nature - what more could anyone want in a great read?"

-Kathleen Walls, author of Georgia's Ghostly Getaways; Kudzu and Man Hunt-The Eric Rudolph Story.
Ready for a good chuckle from the Old West?
I heard ya, Pardner! 

That's why I wrote this tale of a girl everyone believes is unlucky.  Cursed.  Maybe even a witch.  And gave her a local hero who just can't resist taking outrageous dares.
Jessica Thomas flees an abusive home and is thrust into the dangerous lifestyle of an L.A. escort. She leaves behind her best friend, Joe, who embarks on a path into politics. And when Joe comes to visit, their friendship takes a sharp turn toward romance, and Jessica keeps what she does for a living a secret. When Jessica avoids Joe, he turns his attention to his career and to Maxie, a sassy redhead, who's helped him along the political road to sucess. But when Jessica unknowingly becomes involved with a ruthless killer, she turns to Joe and he realizes that she's the only woman that he's ever loved. Can their love survive the tragedy and deceit thrown in front of them? Or will they lose the only real love they've ever known.
L. C. Martin Homepage
  An esoteric journey through politics, religion and bigotry. A fantasy adventure across an alien, jungle world to end a mysterious plague. The personal struggle of a tortured soul, a reluctant warrior --and vampire tale unlike any other!

  Meet Drexus Tavosn: scarred hunter, rueful philosopher, outcast. To him the vine jungle was sanctuary, the land beautiful, it's savagery simple and direct. Then a mysterious plague came, spreading madness and death.
  To find the cure and protect those he loved, Drex had to leave the jungle for a place far deadlier. And through the journey's struggle, Drex' dreams are haunted by a fire-eyed demon of long fangs and talons: a nightwalker on a planet in which the nights last for three days--Or is it the psychic manifestation of the mysterious plague, one that drives it's victims murderously insane before it kills them?
  Through prophesy, bigotry, politics and betrayal, Drex struggles to purge the world of the descending madness--if he can escape the grasp of the demon in his own soul first
Your  source for hard to find books.  Specializing in: Philip K Dick, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Movement, and General.
The Robert Anton Wilson Site:
*Jokes, Limericks & off-color tales.
* Poetry.
*Quantum Psychology.

"Chronicles of Empire", an epic mediaeval-fantasy and a phenomenon in the making! Brian Turner. This site is filled with storyline information, a place to meet the characters and peruse a brief Timeline history for the world of the Corianth Empire. Forum, quotes, even a "film-style soundtrack" for volume one. Enjoy!
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"Mystic Seed - echoes of the sages" by R. K. Austin
"Mystic Seed: echoes of the sages" Inspirational poetry by R. K. Austin

A series of poems in simple settings, rooted in earth where many point beyond themselves to fundamental sage teachings and paradigms.
These include the awareness of the ego-self as an illusion. A realization of the one self of the world, deathlessness, timelessness, the unborn self of Buddhism, and the Lila and Maya, (the illusory and playful nature of the divine as an insight of the Upanishads Wonder according to Goethe is the highest that man can achieve, faced with the infinite and eternal. The Mystical utterances of Christ as opposed to monotheistic belief in the form of monarchical symbolism.
Borderland Tales: Stories of an impending west by M. J. Vivigatz
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Stay In the Light by AJ Caywood
Alexa Bristow, a woman with an extraordinary talent, has finally escaped the scientific facility that has held her prisoner for years. Through a series of unfortunate events, she finds herself on the run and in the company of one of the galaxy's most dangerous and sought-after fugitives: ex-military Special Forces Ranger, Cade Rogan. Alexa begins to feel drawn to this ruggedly handsome fugitive, who, despite his ruthless notoriety, may not be the heartless killer he is portrayed to be.
As Alexa struggles with her newfound feelings for a man who may never know how to love, she is determined to keep her promise to find and safely deliver the evidence that would clear his name. Her journey into his dangerous and complicated life thrusts her into a world of insatiable greed, horrific military experiments, and a galactic empire bent on total domination. She must find a way to overcome such terrible odds, but her most daunting task is to melt the frozen walls of Cade Rogan's heart.
AJ Caywood